Sports Science in India:
Challenges and Opportunities

Date Topic Timings
25-Mar-22 Role of Sports Science for Olympians, Paralympians and Special Olympians 11 -11:45 am
25-Mar-22 Developing and Applying Sports Science Evidence for female athletes 12 – 12:45 pm
Date LUNCH 1 – 2 pm
25-Mar-22 Sports Supplements: Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats 2 – 2:45 pm
25-Mar-22 Sports Science for Optimal Performance, Injury prevention and Rehabilitation 3 – 3:45 pm
25-Mar-22 Advanced technologies in Sports Science 4 – 4:45 pm

Sports Marketing Summit

Date Topic Timings
26-Mar-22 Fandom and Audience Engagement in the New Normal 11am-12 pm
26-Mar-22 Sports = Social Good 12-1 pm
27-Mar-22 Marketing of Paralympic Sports: Attracting Spectators
and Sponsors
11am-12 pm
27-Mar-22 The unexplored potential of the Athlete Brand

12-1 pm

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