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Centrally located, 20 mins from Mumbai airport & 1 min from metro station
Nesco Events and Bombay Exhibition Center are divisions of Nesco Limited, a public listed company. BEC is the largest and permanent exhibition centre in the private sector in India and was set up in 1991. BEC organises their own International Events, Events & Conferences and has hosted several prestigious international trade fairs/events since inception.

Nesco Events works closely with the government and the industry stakeholders to organise well researched fairs / events featuring the latest trends and innovations along with and for the industry and aims to create B2B and B2C platforms across industries to steadily become a leading Events organiser in the world.

Nesco Events dedicates itself to presenting unique and exciting cultural experiences that enhance and enrich life. With the creation and curation of a host of successful event properties, the offerings have extended to tailored venues and innovative production capabilities. With every new event, the desire is to create the unexpected and the unforgettable.

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Hall 1

The largest BEC hall occupies a sprawling 19,143 sqm, making it Mumbai’s largest in the private domain. The hall has a standard clearance height of 6.75m while 7 gates facilitate easy access.

Hall 2

Hall 2 is spread across 7378 sqm. Convenience takes priority here since an additional 2,600 sqm functions as a bay area that can be customised into a cafeteria or food court. There are 5 gates to this hall to allow caterers and organisers access for an easy set up.

Hall 3

Hall 3 is BEC’s second largest hall. It stands at an impressive size of 11,799 sqm and adheres to the standard clearance height of 6.75m. The 3 gates provide a streamlined flow of traffic for guests, organisers and exhibitors.

Hall 4

Mumbai’s tallest hall is 14m at its highest point. At a gross area of 10,800 sqm, Hall 4 is Mumbai’s largest pillarless hall, with uninterrupted wide vistas for hosting any public event.

Hall 5

Hall 5 is well-recognised as an event venue and performance space. At 4,664 sqm, it can support audiences over 5,000. The clear height is 6.88m and the 2 gates provide clear, organised entry and exit points.

The Grande

This versatile space is well-suited for elegant events such as AGMs, weddings, corporate events and parties. At a gross size of 2,108 Sqm, The Grande can be customised into smaller sizes based on requirement.